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Homeowners Insurance

Happy Husband, Wife, and Child Standing in Front of Their New HomeDifferent than most states there are 2 deductibles for Florida Homeowners. One for windstorms, and one for all other perils, such as fire and lightning.

You may be required to have a windmit and four point inspections before coverage can be issued. Depending on the year the house was built.

Before purchasing ask about past claims in the last five years. They may follow your property. If the previous owner has had a four point inspection and windmit ask for a copy. Also, ask if you are in a flood zone. If the answer is yes you will need an evaluation certificate before insurance can be issued.

If you have tangible assets, you need the protection of a homeowners insurance policy. These policies cover you in a home or an apartment, whether you are an owner or a renter. A well-written homeowners policy will pay to replace any of your personal property that is destroyed in a fire or other disaster. The policy will also be your first line of defense against a lawsuit from someone injured at your home.

The cost of this coverage is determined by many rating factors. The quality of the coverage, however, is determined by the quality of the insurer and whether the policy is written on a named perils or all-risk basis. A named-perils policy covers only those losses specifically cited in the contract. The all-risk policy works the opposite way — unless a peril is specifically excluded, coverage is provided. The all-risk policy is broader and the burden of proof is on the carrier, not you, in the event of a loss.

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